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JEBEL Group Ltd offers a team that not only has outstanding technical skills,but with the experience of projects in many countries and regions, which made it expected of a leading construction company.


There is a very detailed and organized process that must be adhered to before builders can actually start construction. It all typically begins with the City's Official Plan which designates land use. Subdivision plans for your purchased land will be provided by our experienced project managers,even for the special and complex situation, to maximum optimize the rate of return.


JEBEL Group Ltd have a wide range of construction options like business buildings, Exhibition Centers,large warehouses and contructions which have high safety requirements. From cost control,project supervision to risk control, we got them covered.


Choosing to renovate your home is often just as challenging as choosing to extend or build. You are likely to ask yourself a hundred questions, trying to make sure that you do not make costly mistakes. We are always here to help, add values for each step of your house.

Jebel construction renovation
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